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Data Quality - An indispensable business factor!

High data quality is critical for corporate success irrespective of the industrial and commercial sectors and applications.
Without guaranteed permanent data quality, defective data adversely affects the efficiency of operational processes and the value creation potentials of a company.

We regard this as our core know-how and experience.
We develop and distribute data quality standard software solutions for the highest demands.
The Customer Data Quality Process (CDQ) in large databases is a particular area of focus.
An important goal is to implement the Single View of Customer in the enterprise.

Our solutions can be seamlessly integrated in your business processes and IT solutions.
As a result of extensive customizing options of the products and the best practice experience of our consultants and our partners, an individual and unique data quality solution can be created which optimizes your business processes and ensures that you operate even more successfully in the market.

Address cleansing

Reach your customers via correct postal addresses!

With our postal checking system we offer you optimal instruments to improve the quality of your addresses.

Consequently, you will immediately and demonstrably become more successful in your personalized 1:1 marketing, reduce your costs and increase the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of your address management in all of the applications you use.

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Data quality solutions

Data Quality Explorer

The Data Quality Explorer is the tool for carrying out data profiling analyses and exploring your data. The DQ Explorer is used e.g. for the analysis of product, financial, transaction, statistical or order data.

Data Quality Monitor

The Data Quality Monitor monitors the data quality according to the rules you have specified. If defined limits are exceeded, it raises the alarm. The Data Quality Monitor is used e.g. for the quality monitoring of product, financial, transaction, statistical or order data.

Data Quality Batch Suite

The Data Quality Batch Suite is the Swiss Army knife of data quality products. It is typically the hub of any cleansing project. You can use the DQ Batch Suite to check customer data quality and cleanse the data fully automatically in most cases. You can also carry out the mass cleansing of non-customer data with the DQ Batch Suite, e.g. to clean-up errors which were detected by the DQ Explorer or reported by the DQ Monitor.

Data Quality Real-Time Services

The DQ Real-Time Services allow you to secure customer data quality immediately at input. Errors are identified "on the fly" and either automatically corrected or reported to the user. The areas of application include both conventional online applications and web applications.
The Data Quality Batch Suite and the Data Quality Real-Time Services allow systematic use of the required data quality functions.